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EAPSI Level 1 essentially requires people to be able to demonstrate on video:
  • That they can teach from complete beginners (all ages including little children and nervous or elderly people) up to being completely comfortable on red terrain with complete knowledge of the "Fast track to Parallel" for skiers and up to "Intermediate sliding turns" for snowboarders on BLUE terrain.
  • Level 1 also require candidates to demonstrate a clear, consistent and safe ability to navigate all terrain including expert/ black gradient off piste and bumps independently and without guidance.
  • Level 1 also requires candidates to demonstrate solid and consistent ability for carving on blue terrain.
EAPSI Level 2 essentially requires people to be able to demonstrate on video:
  • That they can teach up to Expert level skiers/ boarders including clear knowledge of the 5 core skills: Stance and Balance, Rotation/ Pivoting/ Steering, Edging, Pressure Control and Timing and Coordination.
  • A clear knowledge of the different learning types (thinkers, doers, watchers/ copiers).
  • A clear knowledge of the teaching cycle and different teaching styles -Whole- part- whole, guided discovery, building block, creative. 
  • Understand clearly and appropriately how to teach on: Piste, Off Piste, Bumps, Steeps and Variable snow conditions (Ice, Slush, Powder). 
  • They must also be able to understand the Level 1 material well enough to be able to teach it to others.

EAPSI Level 3 essentially requires people to be able to demonstrate on video:
  • That they have such a complete knowledge and ability of skiing or snowboarding that they can adapt to all situations comfortably on all terrain, demonstrate total enthusiasm, professionalism and passion appropriately modified and made relevant to the people being taught. 
  • They must be able to comfortably teach all the Level 2 material to others and be able to video other people at Level 2 standard while riding/ skiing at high speed and focus on the subject without too much camera wobble so that the video can be used for a Level 2 EAPSI video profile. They must have such a complete knowledge of the Level 1 material that they can EVALUATE the Level 1 Exams.

EAPSI Level 1 Teaching - Skiing Beginner Progression

Learn To Ski Lesson 1 - Introduction To Equipment
Learn To Ski Lesson 2 - Basic Mobility & Balance

 Learn To Ski Lesson 3 - Sliding, Stopping & Intro To Basic Turns
 Learn To Ski Lesson 4 - Isolated Turning Left & Right, With Exercise Ideas

 Learn To Ski Lesson 5 - Linking Beginner (Snowplough) Turns and Exercise
Learn To Ski Lesson 6 - Linking Snowplough Turns With Pressure Control (Up & Down Movements)

Learn To Ski Lesson 7 - Snowplough To Parallel Turns
Learn To Ski Lesson 8 - Parallel Turns On Easy Terrain With Pressure Control Partner with Roxy