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Welcome to European Association of Professional Snowboard Instructors

Welcome to the official website of the European Association of Professional Snowboard Instructors

  • Information: We are dedicated to helping to provide YOU with all the clearest information,
    advise and cost effective solutions on your path to becoming the best snowboard instructor you can be.
  • Support: We aim to help you to achieve your goals with a clear, no nonsense approach to gaining your qualifications.
  • Free Online Video Profile: Create your own EAPSI profile page where you can showcase your skills to the world in both technical and teaching aspects of your snowboarding.
  • No Hidden Fees: At EAPSI there are NO sign up fees, no annual fees and no "dues" to pay.
  • Transparency: At EAPSI every detail of what we do, who we are and what we aim to achieve is clear, simple and concise. We are run by dedicated snowsports professionals.
  • Evolution of Snowboard Instructor Qualifications: By combining the lessons from great systems run by great and passionate snowboard instructors with the transparent possibilities offered by online video sharing we aim to create a new era of transparency, openness, affordability and accountability in the snowsports qualification industry.

Check out what EAPSI is all about at this video below