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Ben Tricarico - Snowboard

Hello! I am Benjamin Tricarico, and this was only my second full season! After music (metal in particular) snowboarding is my biggest passion in life, and I love nothing more than to be able to pass on the skills I've learned to other people.replica uhren deutschland It's been my dream to become a snowboard instructor ever since I stepped onto a snowboard 12 years ago. I live for air time and thirty degree powder days. I live in the UK and from now-on I'll be working year-round to afford a trip out to the slopes each season. Like I said, it's one of my true passions, and that rush you get after landing that trick you've been trying is worth every second of hard work. Keep on riding!

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EAPSI Level 3 Snowboard Graduate - Ben Tricarico - Snowboard Ability Assessment Video

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EAPSI Level 3 Snowboard Instructor Graduate - Ben Tricarico - Teaching Module

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