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Adam Ward - Snowboard

ADAM WARD EAPSI LEVEL 2 QUALIFIED SNOWBOARD INSTRUCTOR since 2011<br><br><b>Evaluator Feedback:</b><br>Terrain choice is safe and suitable<br>-----<br>COMMUNICATION: Is always clear and efficient. Shows a good understanding of the subject. Explains what, why and how. Remains positive<br>-----<br>DEMOS: Clear demos exaggerating the current exercise. All demos were done in this way.<br>-----<br>ANALYSIS: Makes accurate analysis and notices which areas to improve.<br>Very Smooth lesson difficulty gradient.<br>Plenty of Mileage.<br>Good momentum. Not pushing the class too hard, or leaving them behind.<br>Good feedback, very good encouragement during student trail.<br>-----<br>IMPROVEMENT: Easy to see that improvement was a high focus. <br>Kept improvement focused on the skill at hand and allowed the lesson to develop into the next exercise.<br>Plenty of mileage.<br>Positive, correct and informative feedback.<br>CLASS MANAGEMENT: Clear structure.<br>relevant exercises.<br>Good leadership.<br>-----<br>COMMENTS:&nbsp; Keep it up.<br>

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EAPSI Level 2 Snowboard Instructor Graduate - Adam Ward - Teaching Module

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