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Berglind Gutt - Snowboard

Farm girl from Iceland, driverguide and guide in Iceland. We live only ones...lets enjoy it.. =) Qualified Level 1 EAPSI

Berglind's EAPSI Evaluation Level 1

TERRAIN: Safe and suitable, avoiding the centres of the runs and distractions.
COMMUNICATION: Berglind explains everything clearly. She emphasises important basic points.
She includes the 'What, Why and How' technique.
She clearly set the theme of the lesson I.E. "Today, we will cover the basics." This helps Berglind and her students to aim towards a common goal and gives the lesson direction.
DEMOS: Solid and clear. She should try to exaggerate movements more.
A beginner requires over-exaggeration. Her demos match her explanations.
In general her riding is at a high standard.
ANALYSIS: Berglind displays a high level of concentration on her students that allows her to make an appropriate  Analysis.
Her lesson's difficulty gradient is reasonable.
The mileage of Berglind's lessons is adequate for the level of the lesson, allowing her enough time to make a correct analysis.
She could consider applying a static exercise for beginners, it is important that they ' Try before they buy'.
IMPROVEMENT: Berglind is hightly focussed on improvement, she is looking for it and applying it well.
Mileage is key for improvement.
She offers great feedback and is always on the mark.
Berglind offers positive and relative improvement methods.
CLASS MANAGEMENT: Good in general.
She should try to organise her class into lines to give the sense of being in control.
Her lessons follow a clear structure.
The exercises she provides are relevant to the skill in question.
COMMENTS: Berglind teaches well, she should try to make her lessons flow easier. Keep working to gain level 2 standard.

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EAPSI Level 1 Snowboard Graduate - Berglind Guttormsdottir - Snowboard Ability Assessment Video

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