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Georgia Hancock - Snowboard


Georgia's EAPSI Snowboard Lv 1 Evaluation

TERRAIN: Georgia's terrain choice is Safe and suitable, and should aim to be away from the centre of the runs.
COMMUNICATION. During the lesson, Georgia's communication is reasonable and positive,
and the class knows what it is doing at every step.
It is clear what skill her lessons are aiming to improve, even if it is not vocalised.
Her lesson begins with a clear explanation that covers important points,
demonstrating knowledge of the 'What, Why and How' principle.
Georgia's demos match her explanation clearly and are also exaggerated to give the class a good understanding.
More exaggeration can never be bad.
Georgia's ANALYSIS is adequate, and frequently spot on.
She needs to concentrate more on each student, analysing their specific problems.
She provides adequate mileage to analyse the students.
Georgia watches and analyses students well.
Georgia focuses well on IMPROVEMENT.
Georgia is providing positive re-enforcement of good performances by students.
She provides relevant exercises aimed towards improving important specific skills,
however should try to remain future-focussed "This was good, and in the future, try to...".
She pushes more advanced students and encourages slower ones very well.
The difficulty gradient of her lessons is smooth and progressive.
The only way to improve is to provide a static exercise.
Georgia provides great positive and relevant feedback, and could try to make it more specific to each student.
CLASS MANAGEMENT is adequate and she keeps the momentum of the lesson good and quick.
She should try to provide a safe meeting point for the class before performing a demo.
Leadership is good, ensuring everyone is treated equally and her class is organised
well when waiting on the hill.
She demonstrates knowledge of lesson structure by using a building block style.
Her exercises are highly relevant to the skill in question.
Your riding has improved quickly, keep trying to solidify the skills you have learned.

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EAPSI Level 1 Snowboard Instructor Graduate - Georgia Hancock - Teaching Module

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